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Steve on Mt. Mckinley - the peak is in the background


"My team won the Ice Golf Classic this year. The trees in the background are Christmas trees that where flown into Nome. Nome doesn't have any trees. After Christmas, the residents that have trees bring them out to the Bearing Sea and transplant them forming the 'Nome National Forest'."

Steve reports from Anchorage, Alaska, where he has lived for over 30 years: 


  "I don't consider myself a local legend, more an infamous town caricature. The younger generation might think of me as a local legend. The newer residents consider me a pioneer. The people I hung out with when I first got here are mostly dead. The ones left are in their 70's-80's, not very active and consider me a contemporary. Their children think of me as something else, I bridged the gap between child and parent.

   I was fired by the Postal Service in '76 for dressing up as Santa Clause. The town got a petition to rehire me signed by over 80,000 people. The population was about120,000. I was on the local news and front page of the newspaper, "POST OFFICE FIRES SANTA CLAUSE".

  I was the downtown mailman for 30 years. My route went from the Federal Building, and City Hall to the sleazy part of town. I got to know everyone, and everyone knows me. I am very well known. No matter where I go some one recognizes me.

  I was the first person to wear shorts to work. I have had water gun fights with everyone including all the mayors, marched in parades, and dressed up for Halloween.

  I know and have been friends with the legends. Nellie Brown, the first white woman in Anchorage, took me in "under her wing". Decema Kimball Swalson, an eight year old girl when she attended the auction of lots for the city. Col. Norman Vaughan, South Pole explorer, dog musher, pilot. And many more, I have had the pleasure to know."