Maple Meadow School

Thanks to Dean Cail for the following photos





Here are the old and faded "Classmates" photos from 1950 and 1951. One set is identified, and the others are fun to guess. That's me with the slate beside Mrs. Eithier. Why are there two Sandra Bergs?

This two room schoolhouse was said to be a rebuilt chicken house near the Maple meadow Brook. It had two grades per room, so I had Mrs. Eithier for grade one and two in the same room.One of the many Leiter sisters had grade 3 & 4, so the photo pages have some older and younger students mixed in. We look like a motley crew in our home-made clothes. I think most families were struggling after the war , We cut our photos with scissors and gave them out to fill these 2 books I saved all this time.                  -   Dean Cail