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Hello All, (From Kathy Bell)

Mr. Kelley asked me to send this letter along to all of you. As a footnoteI will add that as of Friday, April 25, 2003, Mr. Kelley is back home at 41 Everett Avenue, Wilmington 978-658-2443. He plans on trying to go to track practice in Weston tomorrow!! Here is his letter:

Greetings (again),

Thanks to your prayers, phone calls, cards and letters, I'm getting there. In all probability I'll be heading home to Everett Avenue in Wilmington the week after Easter. My sister and brother in law told me a few weeks ago that I was not ready to go home until I was ready (It's not over 'til it's over? - Thanks Yogi)

I'm feeling pretty good now; doing more walking and exercising to get back in shape. I'll tell you one thing, though, I'm not training for any marathon. I may not even watch it. I'll get pooped for sure.

But one thing to be sure - I can't wait to get back to coaching. Even though I am no longer at Wilmington I have not abandoned the Wildcats. Weston athletic teams are "Wildcats" as well. I am still working on the ugly gray and maroon colors worn by the new Wildcats. I know this is a battle I won't win. The kids from Weston are a lot like the kids from Wilmington in many ways. I needle them the same way I needled the kids from Wilmington. One major difference, however. During school vacations, Weston kids go to Cancun, Hawaii, the Bahamas, etc.; Wilmington kids go to Tewksbury.

I talked to Kathy Bell early in the week. There is a rumor afoot that I suffered a stoke and was not doing well at all. I did get a haircut but it did not have the same effect on me as it did on Samson - so far. Seriously, I seem to be progressing slowly but surely. Let's hope progress continues. Perhaps I'm a little late wishing you a Happy Easter. If so, sorry. I hope all went well with you and will continue to do so.


Frank Kelley

Your friend, teacher and coach.