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Text Box: Wilmington High School Class of 62

Text Box: A couple of months ago I got an email "Hi note" from Gloria Cohen (Epstein). You know, one of those messages you can send to one  another from within She was quite excited about what she had seen in  the Class of '61 WebSite. As soon as I found it I lost myself within it and paid several  visits over the next few days just to see it all. I recommend you check it out and to make it easy for you to go there, there is a "link" to the '61 site within our site. 
    Several of us started an email discussion around a reunion and website. We thought a site would help promote the idea of a  reunion and at least be an ongoing  "virtual reunion" where we could exchange photos, stories, and renew old friendships.
In order for the site to succeed we need all of us to send in photos, submit articles, announce life events and anything else that would help reacquaint us with each other. 
Why should we do this? Well, for starters, I have lived in many places in the US and even overseas, and I can honestly say that the classmates I grew up with in Wilmington are some of the finest people I have ever encountered. I for one, would like to renew those old friendships that I let slip from me when I moved on. I'm sure I am not alone in that feeling.
Bill Burns
Text Box: Why our own Website?

Text Box: Volume 1, Issue 1
Text Box: August 2002


Sands of the Hourglass





Text Box: Email letter from Dr. Jim Corum,  Class of '61



Text Box: the Herbert C. Barrows Auditorium for plays, meetings, shows, etc. Dr. Farello didn't know what to do with the space for the Chemistry and Physics Lab. There were now "electric" typewriters for the Commercial Class, five shops for the Manual Arts, Home Economics, benches and tables for Art, tennis courts, ... we had phys. ed. indoors ... in a gymnasium! And, the Ham Radio Club even had a 50 foot tower on the roof of the school, capped by a rotatable triband beam. Over night, the high school library became as big as the Town Library.
Even more than all that, we got a whole new raft of challenging and inspiring teachers ... like Anne (Frotton) O'Reilly, Frank Kelly, Bob Saba, Paul Murphy, Mr. Mularkey, 
Mr. Pierce, Mr. Coleman ... (you fill in the names), to fill in the faculty team, ... along with the old Wilmington stalwarts: Miss Laura Marland, Mr. Beaton, Miss Elene Farello, Mr. Cogan, Mr. Gilligan, Mr. Keady, Mr. Hambelton, Miss Sharp, Mrs. Webber. The facilities were new for them, too. And, as elected Class officers, you guys set the standard for the Classes that would follow.
So, it should come as no surprise that something changed dramatically in Wilmington's kids back in the mid 1950's. Wilmington invested in its youth back then, and those Classes that enjoyed the "new" facilities and inspiring teachers have never stopped making new "firsts". Even now, 47years later, it's still in us (I'm including the Classes that followed close behind us through the brand-new facilities) to go out and do new things that haven't been done before ... at least not in Wilmington. A special blessing on Wilmington's harried (and far-sighted) mid-century taxpayers! They had the vision, and they did it right!!



Text Box: Jon Meads, Alan Ford, Frank Duffina, George Szadis, Diana Imbimbo,
Barbara Lynch, ...
Dear Friends,
I'm sending this along to you because I remember you all as our Class Officers. [I don't have an email address for Barbara Lynch (our perennial Secretary) - Sorry, Barbara! And, I hope I didn't overlook any other officers.] A few hours ago Bill Burns (Bill lived on Federal St. and was one year behind us at WHS - he's now a naval architect in Florida) got his "WHS Class of '62 WebSite" officially on the air.
(They're getting ready for their 40th Reunion this Fall.) Bill has done a wonderful job, and every proud WHS graduate will be pleased to see Wilmington on the map again!
It struck me that, as far as I know, our two Classes are the first to do something like this. Certainly, other classes before us have the talent to do such things, but something wonderful happened to the world-view of Wilmington kids in 1955. We got a new high/junior-high school and new athletic, language, and science facilities. Our football teams no longer had to "suit-up" in the old cafeteria and go home to take showers, or get on a bus down to the Town Park over the tracks (nearly on the Woburn Line). The Seniors no longer had to do the Senior Play on the stage of the old Grange Hall. (Remember the narrow old stairway leading from the basement up to the back of the stage?) ... Now we had


Text Box:  
            Bob Mills sailing his boat at Stage Harbor                              Bob and his wife Dale (Danico - class of '64)
Bob Mills met his wife Dale (Danico - Class of 64) at the Class of '61 play "Harvey" while at WHS. They are now living in Sunapee, New Hampshire and as you can see they enjoy New England year-round.