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LOA  27'-0"              LWL 22'-6"                Beam 9'-0"
Draft 5'-6"               Displacement  3,700 Lb
Ballast                    2,000 Lb             Sail Area  373 sq ft

BellaDonna was designed as a production cold molded class racer without any regard to racing rules. The only consideration was getting the most speed you can achieve in a 27' boat and still maintain a high standard of structural integrity. To achieve these goals, BellaDonna is cold molded of Western red cedar over a male plug. The finish coat of glass set in epoxy is applied over the hull and painted with a clear polyurethane for an easily maintained and durable finish. Highly stressed areas around the keel and mast step are reinforced with laminated leaf-spring floors. the cockpit is molded of fiberglass with a foam core to provide a light watertight structure that could withstand the normal wear and tear of normal cockpit functions.
Down below the cockpit there is a large double berth which can be split into two single berths and a pipe berth to each side of the cockpit well. On each side of the companionway there is a seat for changing foul weather gear. Just forward of the seats are galley modules and main bulkhead. Forward of the main bulkhead are sail stowage bins which are part of the bow stiffening members.
BellaDonna has a fine bow to handle upwind chop and a full stern  for surfing. The rudder is a ballanced spade and the keel is a deep fin with NACA foil sections.
The keel stepped 7/8 rig with masthead spinnakers gives the boat great sail shape control and has a high sail area to weight ratio.